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Monday, June 05, 2006

Same Sex marriage a National Security Issue:

Some liberals believe that President Bush’s new support for a Constitutional Amendment is simple politics drawing attention away from his Iraqi quagmire and Iranian dilemma and to raise is dismal approval rating…at least with his core religious fanatic followers.

But all this attention to same sex marriage (SSM) is far worse than a distraction from dealing with vital and urgent national security issues. It actually works against our nation’s security and is simply unAmerican.

First of al, President Bush and others under his tent on this human rights issue is taking exactly the same side as radical Islamic terrorists groups. This puts the President’s war cry “your either with us… or with the terrorists” into a whole new area of darkness.

Far worse is the influence that Christian fundamentalist homophobes had in inspiring the US government to fire dozens of red blooded American Arabic translators from our government’s anti-terrorism ‘intelligence’ operations … because they were homosexuals.
I don’t think you can find a group of American’s more clear about the terror that can be imposed by radical Islamic beliefs. I don’t believe these people were fired for fear of misquoting Muslim terrorists.

Bin Laden is probably laughing himself silly that Americans are diverting attention way from the war on terrorism with a Taliban-like mandate, but you can bet that he’s praising Allah for answering his prayers by providing yet another issue to further divide the American people politically. A united nation will be as important as an effective United Nations if we are ever to win this war on terrorism

It’s worse than ironic that the only victory America had on 9-11 was over the farming fields of Shanksville PA. Mark Bingham, an openly gay male was one of the real American hero’s that day who gave it all to protect our nation’s capitol and perhaps the President’s own hide. How could any American seriously consider denying someone like Mark and others like him who are now serving quietly in military uniform or private contractor garb in Iraq (or here in homeland defense) of the most fundamental of all human rights --- a legal bond of love and spiritual commitment?

If our nation’s Constitution is converted from protecting human rights to banning them, then this country may no longer be worth fighting for. I’m sure there will be some who will feel that way. The right to chose who we love and who we join in a life long partnerships with is not the business of government. There is not even a commandment banning the legal sanctity of love between two people. There should never be such a Constitutional Amendment.

The war on terrorism is ours to lose. Christian fundamentalist are aiding Muslim terrorists with their fundamentalist demands. Is Same Sex marriage a valid issue? Any rational American at this time should be thinking about bringing our soldiers home from Iraq with the same arms, legs and psyches they went there with. Anything different is aiding and abiding the enemy. It's us against them. DTFM.


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