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Monday, July 24, 2006

A second Jewish holocaust?

Victor Davis Hanson’s statement “since there will be no second Holocaust” (Patience wearing thin, 7-22-06) misses the simple and depressing fact that advances in biotechnology and continued Middle East violence makes another Jewish Holocaust almost inevitable.

Most fear an Iranian nuclear devise launched or smuggled into Israel to obliterate the Jews and their homeland, but a far more lethal and inexpensive means of genocide is a real and growing possibility.

Scientists are already making medicines capable of targeting diseases specific to individuals of African ancestry. And, there are a number of genetic disease and genetic trait markers specific to the Jewish population. A designer biological weapon won’t wipe out the Jewish people but it could make Hitler’ efforts look extremely inefficient.

Israel’s only chance is to make more friends in the world…not more enemies. It’s current military reaction killing hundreds of innocent civilians in response to a few killed and kidnapped soldieries is an unbelievable error of action. Inaction would have also been an error but there is one action that wouldn’t have been.

The commission of an independent investigation into the bomb blast that killed 7 Palestinian family members on a Gaza beach as they picnicked there. If one want to look for the spark that ignited that latest round of violence, one need look no further than that explosion and the continued confusion and conflicting evidence around the source of the blast.

To late to go back now and start over but such a ‘law based’ approach could lead to sanity and a road block to further escalations of violence, war and the loss of innocent life in the future…IF we are fortunate/lucky/clever enough to get this one stopped before igniting World War IV.

Imagine what would have happened if after the beach explosion Israel would have halted all its military actions against Gaza to allow a complete investigation of the accident. And, if Israeli gunners were found to be in error, someone in Israel would be held accountable and surviving grieved Palestinian parties fairly compensated. If after that Hamas chose to retaliate with indiscriminate killing…they then would be the ones starting war and world opinion would likely be against them.

Here’s a plan.
First. Israel must be generous AND just for a change. It would return ALL of the land it acquired since its’ original creation in 1948 and actively assist in the nation building of a new Palestinian state with the world’s assistance … and the world’s agreement that any threat to Israel or the Jewish people would be met with universal force and cooperation. Should that global commitment fail to materialize, Israel has the right to use it’s nuclear capacity as needed to defend itself from any and all threats.

Second. “Never again”, means “NEVER again” Indict and prosecute anyone who calls for the elimination of Israel or the Jewish people. Hate mongering will not be tolerated by any state or political party and the world (all UN member states) will unite against it, with force if needed to bring such genocidal instigators to justice before the International Criminal Court.

Third: Give the Palestinians something worth losing. Any Jewish death at the hands of Muslim mass murderers would result in Israel being compensated by 10 hectares/acres from the new Palestinian state for each Jewish life lost. And, the Israel government would get to choose which ten hectares. Example: Ten Israeli’s killed by a suicide bomber. One hundred hectares annexed permanently to the state of Israel with the universal agreement of no take backs or give backs. Any attempt of a take back would be met with 100% resistance by the UN and all its member states, including 100% military support of the US and any other nations agreeing to risk troops. Funding for any forceful defense or forceful policing offence to capture guilty mass murder planning parties would be paid for out of the new Palestinian state’s budget IF it refused to take such effective action on its own.

Time is not on Israel or the Jews side. Offensive weapons capacities (conventional, nuclear, chemical or biological) are evolving rapidly and will always be ahead of defensive capabilities.

The longer Israel waits to make serious peace with those in the world that hate it the harder it will be to stop future wars and eventual genocide. War is not the answer. Enforceable International law stands a chance. About the only sane chance we have.


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