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Monday, March 05, 2007

Oliver North's Fraudulent News

Oliver North’s makes a legitimate claim regarding the “downright deadly” issue of “Fraudulent News” (Sunday, March 4, 2007) but only mentions examples that fit his political agenda.

President Bush’s claim that ‘we must fight them over there so we won’t have to fight them here’ is frequently repeated in the news as a truth, but it is based on the fraudulent concept that the enemies we are fighting and making in Iraq are incapable of identifying, finding or traveling to the country primarily responsible for the war. Now Bush’s faithful followers are claiming that Iran is involved in the murder of US soldiers in Iraq and that their nuclear program poses a threat to our allies in the region and to us here at home. One of these statements is fraudulent.

Bush, Cheney and other “neocons’ insist we listen to the words of Bin Ladin regarding his call to Muslims to murder “4.5 million Americans, halve women and children” but then they ignore Bin Ladin’s claims that this is how many innocent Muslims have been killed over the last few decades by US military power, weapons and interventions.

North goes on to claim that “twisted news aimed at our culture or Judeo-Christian heritage can also be dangerous.” That could be true but not as relevant or as lethal as some ‘twisting’ our Judeo-Christian heritage to support an invasion and occupation of Iraq under invalid pretense. An invasion that has directly and indirectly resulted in somewhere between 100,000 and 600,000 dead innocent Iraqis and 2 million Iraqi refugees. There’s just something about war’s ‘collateral damage’ that cries out about the lethal hypocrisy of Oliver North’s one sided argument.

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