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Thursday, January 22, 2009

CJCS no help in US future security

I love Obama but I hope he doesn't place much power in the hand of Admiral Mullen.

Admiral Mullen’s release of the U.S. national security strategy update in the form of his “CJCS Guidance for 2008-2009” fails America by promoting the three same “inter-related strategic priorities for our military” that got us into the current freedom, prosperity and security deficit.
Mullen says “First, we must increase stability and defend our vital interests in the broader Middle East”. As if supporting Iraq’s, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan’s status quo and defending our vital oil interests before 9-11 worked perfectly. “second” he says “we must reset, reconstitute, and revitalize our Armed Forces” as if having the most powerful, vital and constituted military prior to 9-11 was useful in stopping the mass murder of Americans. And “Third” he believes “we must deter conflict and be prepared to defeat foes globally by rebalancing our strategic risk”, as if deterrence worked well to prevent religious extremists from violently expressing themselves over the last few decades.
Mullen does later express the fact that military force is not sufficient to defeat terrorism but it appears his pre 9-11 thinking is more focused on the threat of China or Russia than the non state threats that actually put America’s future and our freedoms and prosperity at risk.

While he does mention the importance of increasing international cooperation US military force applications in most places have worked against such essential cooperation.
What our military needs is the moral force of protecting all human rights instead of focusing on our strategic interests.

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