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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Avoiding Armageddon? Jaw jaw sounds good.

Mike Wallace is getting too old to do these important interviews. Iran’s President came across far better than Bush would have if he were interviewed by an Iranian Journalist.

One of the most important and appauling points made was the fact that there has been NO dialogue between our two governments since the Iranian Revolution 24 years ago. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a convincing argument that his great nation stands against the hegemony of the US and our repressive efforts in Iraq and support for Israel’s repressive efforts.

I found it most interesting that he would champion “law and justice” and show concern for lawlessness and lack of democracy in resolution of isreal Palestinian issue. And that these two MOST important points were edited out of the 60 Minutes segment aired on CBS last night.

It may be that the Iranian President is not calling for Genocide against the Jews but rather the elimination (movement?) of Israel out of the region so justice can be done for the Palestinians who lost their land/homes in the guilt give away of the Allies after the horrors of the holocaust were revealed. This does ignore the entire biblical claim that the land belongs to Israel…but perhaps it’s time to take religion out of the middle east equation…or prepare for Armageddon.
Are we that committed as a nation to the Bible as a historical/real-estate document?

Another interesting point the President made was that contracts for nuclear facilities were plentiful in Iraq during the reign of the Shaw. But as soon as the Iranian people gained their freedom from his regime…these contracts were canceled. Why were they allowed back then…and not now…if energy production was valid then…it would be even more valid today.

Another fascinating point the President made was the using the statistic that the US has fought over 105 wars in the last 100 years. I don’t know if that’s true but I’m guessing it’s close. Iran has not invaded any of its neighbors for hundreds of years…and only fights defensive wars. How can we be considered a Christian nation by many religions Americans and not be seen as a problem for the Muslim world?

Regarding the President’s claim of 50,000 suicide bombers available for attacks on America and our allies if the US should attack Iraq… why wouldn’t they be justified in defending their nation. Why wouldn’t they now be justified in preemptive attacks on the US given the current trajectory of US aggression against them?

Is Mike Wallace really the best we can do to open up a dialogue that could prevent Armageddon?


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