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Liberals and conservatives alike frequently rely on limited evidence, personal experience, religious beliefs or gut emotions to determine solutions for complex problems. From immigration to global warming - taxes to terrorism - or health care to free trade - analytical study is rare. Science based policy making isn’t the way of Washington. And the consequences are catastrophic. Change is urgently needed. Just do the freakin’ math.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Surge IS working. But not for us.

It sounds like the “surge” is working! But for who?

If I were Bin Ladin or an Al Qaeda strategist and wanted to:

a) continue killing American Soldiers instead of making the 9-11 mistake of killing American civilians

b) continue to drain finite US financial resources away from their domestic education, health, transportation infrastructure, border control and other vital elements of homeland security

c) continue to exacerbate political divisions within and between Americans, and

d) continue to benefit from the recruiting windfall of anti-American sentiment in both Arab nations and within the US itself…

I would insist that my murderous recruits, be they Sunni insurgents, foreign suicide recruits or Iranian Shiite allies slightly refrain from attacking American forces (or creating insecurity for the Iraqi people) . This would hopefully lul the American generals and the peace (or victory) loving American public into thinking the Surge was working…and only needed a little more time or a few thousand more troops to be successful.

I would ensure that the Iraq war environment be manipulated however possible so that American forces would be bogged down there as long as possible.

Is the Surge working? I think it is. But not for us.

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