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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mitt Romney not serious about UN having power.

There is little doubt that Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should be indicted for incitement of genocide against Israel. There is legislation pending in the Senate (House Concurrent Resolution 21) that calls for such action. But it is disingenuous for the Mitt Romney to “call on the US to reconsider its participation in the UN should the body continue to act as a toothless overseer” when it comes to Iran as the Washington Times editorial staff wrote (Tuesday, Sept 17, 2007 “Ahmadinejad at the UN”).

The UN was specifically designed and has been persistent maintained as a ‘toothless overseer” by the US government and particularly US politicians who fear any creation of a UN police force that would have any teeth for protecting human rights anywhere.

The US invasion and occupation of Iraq, not to mention Israel’s recent air strikes on Syria are “in fragrant disregard of the U.N.’s mission” but the Washington Times editorial team remains silent about the UN’s inability to do anything about these lethal violations of national sovereignty. This hypocrisy is part of the reason we have problems in the Middle East.

If Ahmadinejad is allowed to enter the UN he should be handed an indictment as Mr Romney suggested in another Washington Times news story, but something more should also be done about the existing ethnic cleansing now taking place in Iraq. A draw down of US troops after some success isn’t going to help. If anyone is serious about preventing crimes against humanity, like genocide against Israel or ethnic cleansing agaist the Shittes or Sunnis they would demand giving the UN real teeth consistent with the institution’s mission, instead of relying on the fickle US to be the world’s policeman.

The most effective force for peace, security and the protection of human rights in the world today could be an all Muslim UN peacekeeping/rapid reaction force capable of bring security to Iraq or arresting criminal Muslim politicians like Ahmadinejad. They could do so without sparking Armageddon.

But this isn’t what Romney or the Washington Times is committed to. All they just want is to continue to use the UN as a scapegoat for global problems while allowing global lawlessness to rule the day.

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