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Thursday, September 24, 2015

US military supports child sex abuse by Afgah officers.

Afghan Chi Boys,
Americans should not be shocked by our military’s policy of ignoring the practice of some Afghan officers of sexually abusing young boys. According to lovers of the US Constitution the primary function of our military is the security of the United States, not the protection of innocent lives or human rights beyond our shores. And US military officers who punish Afghan pedophiles or verbally condemn them deserve to be court marshaled.  It’s a simple self-righteous practice mirrored by many nations when their national security appears to be threatened.
In World War II we partnered with the Soviet communist regime to defeat the Nazi’s.  And, in the process Soviet troops raped German women and girls and after the war the U.S. government made no attempt to hold them responsible.  We even agreed to let a Soviet serve as judge at the Nuremberg trials.  Then, soon after the war U.S. officials secretly hired high Nazi officials believing that it was necessary to effectively combat the growing threat of Soviet communists.  
In the Pacific war theater the Japanese officials who ran the infamous Unit 731.  It’s ‘researchers’ infected men, women, children and infant prisoners and then operated on them without anesthetics to remove organs to study the effects of certain disease on the human body. The Soviets brought some of these ‘doctors’ to trial, but the U.S. decided to shield the Japanese from prosecution and bring them into the U.S. government as consultants for what would become one of the largest and most secretive germ-warfare operations in history. This was part of our nation’s Cold War ‘national security’operations.
In Chile in the early 1970s, US officials helped engineer one of the most brutal and tyrannical military dictatorships in post WWII history.   Approximately 30,000 innocent Chileans were kidnapped and incarcerated, with many tortured and/or raped.  Roughly 3,000 were eventually murdered.  Again, our national security system turned a blind eye to the work of General Pinochet and his goons and US taxpayers unknowingly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay the salaries of Pinochet’s henchmen.
Egypt today, long governed by brutal military dictatorships rivaling Pinochet’s, is an active partner of the U.S. government’s modern-day “war on terrorism,”.  We continue to fuel Egypt with weaponry and other backing, all justified within the context of “national security”.
Unfortunately, as long as our own national security or any nation’s security is more important than the human rights of others, the threats to our national security will continue to grow. The grand ideal offered by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was to put the protection of human rights above national interests…in hopes of preventing future conflicts.  After the horrors of world War II it should have been a nobrainer.  But both the UN and the UDHR was never empowered to ensure the protection of Humanbeings.  Instead, the UN continues to this day to protect the rights of nation states to as they bloody well please.  And, those in power wanted to maintain that power, even if it means the rape and molestation of little boys, girls and even their rape, torture and murder. This is the “international law’ system the UN is built on, and UN lovers continues to embrace in hopes it will soon change.  Seventy years has not dissuaded them. But only the ignorant or naïve could deny the UN was in need of a profound overall or radical transformation.


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