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Liberals and conservatives alike frequently rely on limited evidence, personal experience, religious beliefs or gut emotions to determine solutions for complex problems. From immigration to global warming - taxes to terrorism - or health care to free trade - analytical study is rare. Science based policy making isn’t the way of Washington. And the consequences are catastrophic. Change is urgently needed. Just do the freakin’ math.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Killing Jews is still illegal. Indict Iran's President

The deadline for Iran’s capitulation to high minded words on nuclear non-proliferation has passed and opposing sides now appear to be planning military preemptive actions/reactions or worst yet, sanctions, that can result in more deaths and suffering than an actual war. The problem is that neither of these so-called “solutions” will work. There is an approach that could. But, first we need to see that the two most popular options (military strikes or economic sticks) will only make the situation worse.

US pre-emptive doctrine to disarm Iraq has only fueled more terrorism. Attacking Iran would make our situation in Iraq far worse and be catastrophic to winning the so called global war on terrorism. As violence increases we start to see much more of it homegrown.

And sanctions? They only punish the innocent. Both approaches will only make us more enemies in all the wrong places. And effective lasting success in reducing the number of terrorists and preventing terrorist attacks will require us having very close friends in all the right places.

More important however is the fact that these two ‘solutions’ focus on the wrong problem. The proliferation of nuclear weapons. After witnessing 50 years of a nuclear blast free Cold War it should be clear to any serious intellect that nuclear weaponry is not inherently dangerous. Even if it were possible to eliminate all nuclear weapons from Iran and the rest of the world humanity would still be left with impossible to control and rapidly advancing, affordable, and ubiquitous biotechnology that can be abused to develop strains of WMD that could dwarf nuke killing capacity. To paraphrase gun lovers. WMDs don’t kill people. Genocidal leaders do. The real threat we all face is anyone with the intention to incite or commit mass murder.

And, Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made his intentions clear. It is his persistent incitement (at least 20 statements during his first year in office) to genocide, or at the very least, the deportation of all Jews to another continent. That is the real problem. And, the only sane solution that won’t create a martyr is found in the morals and laws of any and every truly civilized nation and religion -- the universal desire and global formal agreements to protect human life. The United Nations Charter, the Genocide Convention and the International Criminal Court to name three.

The ideology of genocide won’t be stopped with war machines or economic sticks. It will require a two pronged approach that puts the value of human life, the most fundamental of all human rights, above the power of national, military or religious leaders to instigate and initiate mass murder.

The power, affordability, dual-use capacity, and ubiquitous nature of modern technology grantees that the ability to commit mass murder will always be with us. The intent to mass murder however, can be reduced and deterred. And thus, incitement to mass murder needs to become an enforced violation of international law.
Ahmadinejad’s statements require that he be indicted by the International Criminal Court or some other appropriate court and be held accountable for his genocidal goals.

Second, the world needs to make a far greater economic effort to improve the lives of those caught in the middle of war, failed states and/or failing states. Humanitarian concerns has never been adequate enough to ensure sufficient funding to meet basic human needs but given the value of improving (and saving) lives for winning friends and allies (see Marshall Plan and Hezbollah/Lebanon plan) it is time we overcome our fear of nation building and get on with the important business of universal access to clean water, safe sanitation, primary health services, basic education, energy production, decent housing and small business creation.

The only topics of debate Ahmadinejad and Bush should entertain is:
a) Incitement to genocide: Punishable by death or imprisonment?
b) Promotion of democracy: Enforced by guns or butter?

To paraphrase gun haters. Make laws not wars!

For more information on the history of genocide and indicting genocidal maniacs go to:

Monday, August 28, 2006

Conspiracy theory? Oh my God!!!!

Please help me!!! I’ve just watched the one hour and 52 minutes video documentary (twice) titled “Terrorstorm: 9-11, London, Madrid Bombing Conspiracy” ( and I’m starting to think there might be something to what they are saying. I remember watching a two our ‘documentary’ detailing with clear ‘scientific’ evidence how the Moon landing was faked …I never bought into it…but it was so damn convincing.

Likewise, I don’t buy into the 9-11 conspiracy theory but damn…so much of what they document is true! There are also allegations that clearly aren’t true…and that is the ONLY thing keeping me swallowing their whole story.

What Alex Jones and his detectives get RIGHT:
1. The US war on terror may last 100 years.
2. The US government/Bush Administration benefits greatly from civilian fear of terrorism.
3. The US government has lessened our privacy and freedoms to fight terrorism and it’s only going to get worse. Much worse.
4. Most Americans will allow it, approve of it…and even encourage it. (Freedom is useless if you are dead. The terrorism threat is real! And will get worse.)
5. US Government did sponsor covert “false flag” operations in the past that would be considered terrorism today for the purpose of starting a war or achieving its short term goals.
6. A primary reason the Bush Administration invaded Iraq was for our nation’s long term ‘oil’ security interests.
7. There is strong evidence suggesting (but not proving) there was US/British government cooperation in 9-11, London and Madrid attacks.

What Alex Jones and crew get WRONG:

1. Past US covert operations in support of crimes against humanity/war crimes don’t prove 9-11 was an ‘inside job’. It only means our government has done some horrible things…things that others might reasonably use to motivate hate against American foreign policy. Enough hate to attack the US and mass murder Americans.
2. “82 percent” of Americans agreeing that there is a “government cover-up” about 9-11 does NOT mean 82% believe the US government sponsored it or even stood aside and intentionally let it happen. It only means that that many Americans question the competency of their government to investigate itself or hold itself responsible for its own incompetence. No mystery there but perhaps some real conspiracy worth looking into.
3. Saddam Hussein DID have WMD. He used them with US cooperation (a war crime) against Iran. Saddam also used Chemical WMD to kill thousands of Kurds as the US looked the other way (a crime against humanity). Those chemicals were provided by US companies with US government subsidies. A US crime of both omission and commission? Numerous shipments of biological weapons were also sent to Saddam from a biological supply company formerly based here in Rockville Maryland. Also at US tax payers expense. US government documents and corporate receipts prove it.
4. US Government didn’t orchestrate mass murder on US soil. Someone would spill the beans.

What Alex and other Conspiracy believers don’t explain:
1. What happened to the people who were on the flight that they claim didn’t hit the pentagon? Where did that plane and it’s people go?
2. Why hasn’t Bin Laden said anything about Bush’s cooperation or complacency in 9-11 if he so hates the US? His confessing to cooperation with the Bush Administration could spark a government overthrow or even a second violent civil war within our country. Bin Laden’s goal is to divide us politically and break us economically. Affirming this conspiracy could lead to both.
3. With Bush’s rating so low…and the last election so close…why didn’t they orchestrate a second mass murder attack on US soil? Why invade an Islamic nation with limited numbers of troops and no exit plan…when a domestic strike would be so much easier? Oh, That’s right. Because they’re freaking stupid!!! Incapable of any grand conspiracy…other than brainwashing half the US population into thinking we are fighting for freedom… and not oil security.

What the Bush Administration hasn’t explained:
A. If Osama’s three reasons for attacking the US were 1) US troops in Saudi Arabia. 2) US support for Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory. 3) Economic sanctions against Iraq that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis. WHY did the US in the wake of 9-11 1) withdraw it’s troops from Saudi Arabia 2) propose a two state solution to Israel/Palestinian conflict. 3) and stop its Iraq sanctions?
B. Why would the Bush administration claim to be fighting for “Freedom” and “Democracy” yet do so much to reduce US freedoms (speech, travel and privacy), the freedom of others (Guantanimo, Abu Ghraib,) and support non-democratic nations/leaders (Saudi Arabia and Pakistan), provide US weapons to combat democratic winners (Hamas and Hezbollah), and provide cover for brutal killings of innocent people in Chechnya, Lebanon and Sudan.

And the Bush Administration’s biggest lie? (that even the conspiracy folks aren’t smart enough to wage war against). Why the terrorists hate us. The only freedoms of ours they hate is our freedom to do whatever we damn please in their front and back yard…and even in their homes, tents and caves. It’s abusive US foreign policy stupid!!!! I’m sure I could make a convincing argument (and supply lots of evidence) that Alex and his folks are in a conspiracy with Bush and his folks to keep Americans from confronting this fact.

Conclusion: EVERYONE should watch this program. It is profoundly troubling even if only half of it is accurate… and I believe much of it is…even though I don’t want to believe it. I’m hoping someone…almost anyone…will provide reliable and convincing evidence to the contrary on each of Alex Jones key points.
The worst thing about this video is that it will only forward Bin Laden’s ultimate goal of dividing American’s politically and breaking us economically. I don’t blame Alex for this. I blame the Bush Administration for operating in such a way that so MANY smart, intelligent, patriotic, and logical people could even think our own government is complicit in the mass murder of Americans.

I find it HARD to carry on a serious conversation with ANYONE claiming our government was involved in, or complicit with, the mass murder of Americans on our own soil. I used to find it impossible. The 9-11 conspiracy is ultimately a serious distraction from the far more serious problems we all face….from the prevention of global pandemics to winning the war against global poverty or breaking our insane dependence on foreign oil.

This is where Alex really gets it wrong. Humanity ultimately does need a “new world order” to protect both our freedoms and our security. Bush’s police state won’t/can’t do it…but neither can waging media campaigns against imaginary enemies.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Islamic and Christian Fascists in World War IV

What do Islamic Fascists and Christian Fascists have in common? They both believe:
1. that their God blesses them to rule the world.
2. that Homosexuality is a sin.
3. having the US military in Iraq is a good thing.
4. they are fighting for freedom.
5. killing innocent people is acceptable.
6. what they are doing is approved by their prophet
7. private schools are better for their children.
8. the rest of the world approves (or should approve) of what they are doing.
9. that the holy land is worth sparking Armageddon.
10. that Armageddon is necessary so their prophet will return
11. waging a global war is the only way to forward their beliefs.
12. they should have nuclear weapons for offensive use.
13. that if you aren’t with them…you are against them.

Actually neither Christians or Muslims are “fascist”. According to Wikopedia’s intro the increasingly unpopular Bush Administration and it’s dwindling number of supporters comes closer the label of ‘fascist’ than Bin Laden and his growing number of followers.
“Fascism is a radical totalitarian political philosophy that combines elements of corporatism, authoritarianism, extreme nationalism, militarism, anti-anarchism, anti-communism and anti-liberalism.”
Karl Rove and his cronies are trying to make the gullible American people believe that the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) is World War III… and that it is much like WWII. They think that by calling pious mass murderers a particular names they can reawaken the fighting spirit of the American people and make those who oppose the war look like appeasing Neville Chamberlains. In reality GWOT is neither WW III or is it like WWII.

First, GWOT is a world war because US troops are stationed in over 130 nations. (Remember that Al Qaeda in it’s hey day was sprinkled sparsely in about 60 countries. Now it can crop up anywhere.) But GWOT is actually World War IV. The Cold War was III. And, unlike conservatives want you to believe, the Cold War was not “won without a shot fired”. The Cold War was violently fought with dozens of proxy nations and insurgent groups killing millions and it wasted enormous resources (on armaments, bribes and sanctions) that ultimately cost the lives of nearly a billion people (mostly children) from a lack of resources spent on clean water, adequate nutrition and basic health services. And, most importantly, just as each other world war set the stage for the next world war, all three wars help set the stage for GWOT. It’s as if conservatives/neocons want us to believe that just one more ‘world war’ will lead to world peace. In reality, it’s closer to the quote on my daughters wall “fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity”.

Nazi Germany believed they could win the war by arming themselves with the best weapons money could buy and the best troops they could train. They believed their nation, culture and people’s were superior to others. Nazi’s believed that “Christianity” was the “foundation” of their “national morality, and the family as the basis of [their] national life.”

"The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life." -- Adolf Hitler. Source: My New World Order, Proclamation to the German Nation at Berlin, February 1, 1933.

And, Hitler believed that being on the offense to undo the injustices against it was the best way his nation could secure the resources it needed to continue with the rest of his hegemonic plans.

But I digress. Bush is nothing like Hitler. Hitler had a very high IQ.

And, most importantly, unlike Hitler, Bush was fairly elected to office…I mean Bush is President of a nation that has the highest ideals of any nation (after we fought our civil war). The idea that our government is a government of the people, by people and for the people (that are rich).

But here’s why the GWOT isn’t like WWII. In this ‘world war’ most of the world hates us. The enemy that we target with our smart bombs have no uniform and blend in with the population that we are bombing. And those who don’t hate us now will eventually learn to. Our new ‘enemy’ (a tactic) can’t be defeated. And those who use it arn’t deterred by death. The shock and awe used to kill and dissuade our WWII enemies only creates more of our GWOT foe.

So the next time someone tries to draw a parallel between this war and World War II make some points clear.
1. In WW II we were the good guys!
2. This war will only have losers
3. There will be no victory celebration…because this ‘war’ will never end.
4. Collateral damage IS terrorism to the surviving friends and relatives.
5. War only sets the stage for the next war.
6. Those who live by the sword -- die by it.
7. Make law…not war. (How to respond to kidnappers?)
8. 9-11 was NOT like Pearl Harbor. Japanese didn't use suicide pilots until after they were losing the war.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Avoiding Armageddon? Jaw jaw sounds good.

Mike Wallace is getting too old to do these important interviews. Iran’s President came across far better than Bush would have if he were interviewed by an Iranian Journalist.

One of the most important and appauling points made was the fact that there has been NO dialogue between our two governments since the Iranian Revolution 24 years ago. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a convincing argument that his great nation stands against the hegemony of the US and our repressive efforts in Iraq and support for Israel’s repressive efforts.

I found it most interesting that he would champion “law and justice” and show concern for lawlessness and lack of democracy in resolution of isreal Palestinian issue. And that these two MOST important points were edited out of the 60 Minutes segment aired on CBS last night.

It may be that the Iranian President is not calling for Genocide against the Jews but rather the elimination (movement?) of Israel out of the region so justice can be done for the Palestinians who lost their land/homes in the guilt give away of the Allies after the horrors of the holocaust were revealed. This does ignore the entire biblical claim that the land belongs to Israel…but perhaps it’s time to take religion out of the middle east equation…or prepare for Armageddon.
Are we that committed as a nation to the Bible as a historical/real-estate document?

Another interesting point the President made was that contracts for nuclear facilities were plentiful in Iraq during the reign of the Shaw. But as soon as the Iranian people gained their freedom from his regime…these contracts were canceled. Why were they allowed back then…and not now…if energy production was valid then…it would be even more valid today.

Another fascinating point the President made was the using the statistic that the US has fought over 105 wars in the last 100 years. I don’t know if that’s true but I’m guessing it’s close. Iran has not invaded any of its neighbors for hundreds of years…and only fights defensive wars. How can we be considered a Christian nation by many religions Americans and not be seen as a problem for the Muslim world?

Regarding the President’s claim of 50,000 suicide bombers available for attacks on America and our allies if the US should attack Iraq… why wouldn’t they be justified in defending their nation. Why wouldn’t they now be justified in preemptive attacks on the US given the current trajectory of US aggression against them?

Is Mike Wallace really the best we can do to open up a dialogue that could prevent Armageddon?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ceasefire's are only for reloading.

Ceasefire: 8-14-06: 1am EST. (8am ground zero time) Only two minutes before the ceasefire began CNN reported that Israeli air strikes hit Lebanese targets on the coast. After a month of exchanging volleys of missiles and bombs both sides may be wary of fighting. Unfortunately, both sides are still committed to continuing their efforts and will likely look for, and use, any excuse to restart the fighting.

Both sides in this conflict used the countdown to the ceasefire to launch their largest volume of attacks like boxers throwing the most punches just prior to the bell. No doubt both sides will only use this ceasefire for reloading and preparing for round 2. 1:09 am.

It is unlikely the million or so Lebanese who have been displaced by the Israeli attacks will now optimistically return to their homes.

So far nearly a 1000 innocent Lebanese have been murdered compared to slightly over 100 Israeli civilians since the violence started 33 days ago. An astute reader will note that I did not use the adjective “innocent” to describe Israelis murdered by Hezbollah missiles. This important word should be used for Israeli children who are below the voting or military service age.

At the beginning of this war 75% of Israelis supported their leader. Today, after Israeli military forces were unable to ‘defeat’ Hezbollah only 43% of Israeli support their leader. Most wanted the war to continue. War appears to be a popular Israeli sentiment. If Israeli citizens vote for aggressive leaders, pay their taxes -- and believe that non-combatant Lebanese are legitimate ‘collateral damage’ when they allow Hezbollah’s presence, then Israeli citizens are not innocent ‘victims’ of “terrorists”.

To set the record straight, the two Israeli solders who were kidnapped by Hezbollah militants and the other Israeli solder kidnapped by Palestinian militants were legitimate military targets. Hezboalla abducted them in hopes gaining the release of their militant associates still held by Israeli military forces from past conflicts.

Israeli political leaders used these criminal cross border incursions as an excuse to launch an unprecedented and abusive military response that has killed and maimed thousands and displaced over a million innocent people. Using the same logic what level of military action could Iraq have justified after Israeli’s ‘preemptive’ strikes on Saddam’s nuclear facilities in the early 1980s? If Israel can legitimately use a minor cross border incursion to justify a major invasion to destroy Hezbollah, is there any wonder why so many Muslims call for the destruction of Israel? Perhaps we should be thrilled that Israel hasn’t used it’s own nuclear weapons to eliminate Hezbollah. If Israel’s existence is truly threatened by Iran and other Islamic extremists…why shouldn’t they be justified in using their nuclear capabilities? If 'preemption' is considered a ‘legitimate’ use of force by ‘Christian/Judeo powers’ why wouldn’t it also be a ‘legitimate’ goal of ‘Islamic’ powers to preempt their overly aggressive enemies?

(35 minutes into the ceasefire it appears to be holding…. No record of Katusha rockets fired….which suggests that Hezbollah has an effective communications system… There are still 10,000 Israeli soldiers on Lebanese soil)

Bush claims that you are either with us, or with the terrorists…. Even though there is no real agreement on what a “terrorist” is. Many in the Muslim (and even the non Muslim world) consider the US a terrorist state. Even using the most popular western definitions of terrorist many past and even some recent US/Israel military actions would fit within that definition.

And, if Israel’s attacks on Lebanese infrastructure are seen as legitimate military targets then the US Trade Towers and hte Pentagon would also be ‘legitimate’ military targets. Islamic extremist attacks on the US military barracks in Lebanon during the Reagan Administration, the first NY World Trade Towers bombing, the bombing of the US Air Force Kobar towers, US embassies and the USS Cole…were also ‘legitimate military’ targets... with any adult citizens being ‘legitimate’ collateral damage and not 'victoms of terrorism. Unless war is terrorism and terrorism is war.

If Israel and the UN resolution 1701 is calling for a “Hezbollah free zone” in southern Lebanon why is it any surprise that many Muslims still believe in a Jew free Middle-east.

Here’s my math. If you justify killing innocent people by ANY means (war, self defense, or terrorism) then you are in fact justifying murder and should be treated accordingly. If you actually carryout violence that results in the murder of innocent people then you should be held accountable for those deaths. Only if you are willing to die for what you believe…but unwilling to kill innocent people…are you in fact a ‘legitimate’ user of force. Any truly civilized society calls’ these individuals policeman or ‘peace keepers’. They are the true warriors for peace. All other uses of force, including sanctions which can be more deadly than war, is an act of terrorism. Anyone who kills innocent people are the bad guys.

Policeman enforce the law. They don't allow collateral damage. Policemen who kill innocent people are held accountable. When we have real international law, not unenforceable resolutions… we will have a foundation for real peace. More will need to be built on top of that foundation…but it is the foundation of law…that is the path to peace. Not more violent wars.

That brings me to the second point. Disarmament. As Emery Reves so clearly stated more than 60 years ago ‘peace is not a function of arms or disarmament. It is function of just laws”. The last and the newest UN Resolutions targeting the disarmament of Hezbollah, is wrong and unworkable on at least 3 levels. First, the right to bear arms is the second inalienable right our founding fathers granted all Americans under our Constitution. They recognized this right as an inalienable human right to protect individuals from any and all abusive governments. This basic principle is not, and should not be limited to US citizens.
Second. Even if you wanted to ‘disarm’ someone, some group, or some nation it would be virtually impossible to do so given the dual use nature of all technology and natural materials. Even the most repressive and intrusive police state possible would be unable to ‘disarm’ committed and thinking souls. The ‘liquid bombs’ planned by the latest busted ‘terrorist’ cells in the UK are evidence of this dual use dilemma. Their bombs were constructed from household liquids and common use electronic toys.
Last. Any effort to disarm one group without an equal effort to disarm all other groups…would be a form of prejudice that few groups would be willing to peacefully accept. Especially when they perceive the disarmee to be a non-neutral force. US political and military support for Israel puts any US action into question.

In summary. War is not the answer. The rule of law is. War is the path to Armageddon. Law is the path to peace. Time and technology is not on our side in learning this lesson.
Many have said that “intellegence’ is the key to defeating terrorism (as evidenced by the UK police success in stopping this potential 9-11 follow up attack. But true intelligence isn’t measured by how much we know. It’s measured by what we do when we don’t know what to do. The root of our problem is doing the wrong thing based on the wrong information that we have. Too may people still believe war can solve human problems. It rarely has in human history. It never will in humanity’s future.