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Monday, August 28, 2006

Conspiracy theory? Oh my God!!!!

Please help me!!! I’ve just watched the one hour and 52 minutes video documentary (twice) titled “Terrorstorm: 9-11, London, Madrid Bombing Conspiracy” ( and I’m starting to think there might be something to what they are saying. I remember watching a two our ‘documentary’ detailing with clear ‘scientific’ evidence how the Moon landing was faked …I never bought into it…but it was so damn convincing.

Likewise, I don’t buy into the 9-11 conspiracy theory but damn…so much of what they document is true! There are also allegations that clearly aren’t true…and that is the ONLY thing keeping me swallowing their whole story.

What Alex Jones and his detectives get RIGHT:
1. The US war on terror may last 100 years.
2. The US government/Bush Administration benefits greatly from civilian fear of terrorism.
3. The US government has lessened our privacy and freedoms to fight terrorism and it’s only going to get worse. Much worse.
4. Most Americans will allow it, approve of it…and even encourage it. (Freedom is useless if you are dead. The terrorism threat is real! And will get worse.)
5. US Government did sponsor covert “false flag” operations in the past that would be considered terrorism today for the purpose of starting a war or achieving its short term goals.
6. A primary reason the Bush Administration invaded Iraq was for our nation’s long term ‘oil’ security interests.
7. There is strong evidence suggesting (but not proving) there was US/British government cooperation in 9-11, London and Madrid attacks.

What Alex Jones and crew get WRONG:

1. Past US covert operations in support of crimes against humanity/war crimes don’t prove 9-11 was an ‘inside job’. It only means our government has done some horrible things…things that others might reasonably use to motivate hate against American foreign policy. Enough hate to attack the US and mass murder Americans.
2. “82 percent” of Americans agreeing that there is a “government cover-up” about 9-11 does NOT mean 82% believe the US government sponsored it or even stood aside and intentionally let it happen. It only means that that many Americans question the competency of their government to investigate itself or hold itself responsible for its own incompetence. No mystery there but perhaps some real conspiracy worth looking into.
3. Saddam Hussein DID have WMD. He used them with US cooperation (a war crime) against Iran. Saddam also used Chemical WMD to kill thousands of Kurds as the US looked the other way (a crime against humanity). Those chemicals were provided by US companies with US government subsidies. A US crime of both omission and commission? Numerous shipments of biological weapons were also sent to Saddam from a biological supply company formerly based here in Rockville Maryland. Also at US tax payers expense. US government documents and corporate receipts prove it.
4. US Government didn’t orchestrate mass murder on US soil. Someone would spill the beans.

What Alex and other Conspiracy believers don’t explain:
1. What happened to the people who were on the flight that they claim didn’t hit the pentagon? Where did that plane and it’s people go?
2. Why hasn’t Bin Laden said anything about Bush’s cooperation or complacency in 9-11 if he so hates the US? His confessing to cooperation with the Bush Administration could spark a government overthrow or even a second violent civil war within our country. Bin Laden’s goal is to divide us politically and break us economically. Affirming this conspiracy could lead to both.
3. With Bush’s rating so low…and the last election so close…why didn’t they orchestrate a second mass murder attack on US soil? Why invade an Islamic nation with limited numbers of troops and no exit plan…when a domestic strike would be so much easier? Oh, That’s right. Because they’re freaking stupid!!! Incapable of any grand conspiracy…other than brainwashing half the US population into thinking we are fighting for freedom… and not oil security.

What the Bush Administration hasn’t explained:
A. If Osama’s three reasons for attacking the US were 1) US troops in Saudi Arabia. 2) US support for Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory. 3) Economic sanctions against Iraq that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis. WHY did the US in the wake of 9-11 1) withdraw it’s troops from Saudi Arabia 2) propose a two state solution to Israel/Palestinian conflict. 3) and stop its Iraq sanctions?
B. Why would the Bush administration claim to be fighting for “Freedom” and “Democracy” yet do so much to reduce US freedoms (speech, travel and privacy), the freedom of others (Guantanimo, Abu Ghraib,) and support non-democratic nations/leaders (Saudi Arabia and Pakistan), provide US weapons to combat democratic winners (Hamas and Hezbollah), and provide cover for brutal killings of innocent people in Chechnya, Lebanon and Sudan.

And the Bush Administration’s biggest lie? (that even the conspiracy folks aren’t smart enough to wage war against). Why the terrorists hate us. The only freedoms of ours they hate is our freedom to do whatever we damn please in their front and back yard…and even in their homes, tents and caves. It’s abusive US foreign policy stupid!!!! I’m sure I could make a convincing argument (and supply lots of evidence) that Alex and his folks are in a conspiracy with Bush and his folks to keep Americans from confronting this fact.

Conclusion: EVERYONE should watch this program. It is profoundly troubling even if only half of it is accurate… and I believe much of it is…even though I don’t want to believe it. I’m hoping someone…almost anyone…will provide reliable and convincing evidence to the contrary on each of Alex Jones key points.
The worst thing about this video is that it will only forward Bin Laden’s ultimate goal of dividing American’s politically and breaking us economically. I don’t blame Alex for this. I blame the Bush Administration for operating in such a way that so MANY smart, intelligent, patriotic, and logical people could even think our own government is complicit in the mass murder of Americans.

I find it HARD to carry on a serious conversation with ANYONE claiming our government was involved in, or complicit with, the mass murder of Americans on our own soil. I used to find it impossible. The 9-11 conspiracy is ultimately a serious distraction from the far more serious problems we all face….from the prevention of global pandemics to winning the war against global poverty or breaking our insane dependence on foreign oil.

This is where Alex really gets it wrong. Humanity ultimately does need a “new world order” to protect both our freedoms and our security. Bush’s police state won’t/can’t do it…but neither can waging media campaigns against imaginary enemies.


At Mon Aug 28, 08:15:00 PM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

I don't really know much about this
I would say that is clear that someone is not telling everything that they know

I have not seen either film
I have heard people talk about this LOOSE CHANGE film

At Tue Aug 29, 03:46:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well thought out. People don't make decisions based on reality, but on their perception of reality. Things are not always what they seem, and some things can't be seen with the eyes alone.

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Hurricane Harry
Reporting from Beyond The Wall


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