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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gaffney is "LOST" in Sea of delusion.

Dear Editor,

Frank Gaffney had one thing correct (Lost Justice, 10-16-07). He’s not a lawyer. That can explain why he favors the existing global lawlessness regarding the use of the world’s oceans. Without any “law” of the sea we can go on making up whatever rules we want regarding our use of the world’s oceans and its limited resources.

But, A lawyer has the skill of viewing things from another person’s perspective. In the case of “The Law of the Sea Treaty” that would mean another nation’s interests. With most nations having competing interests related to oceanic passage and access to it’s resources have no set laws guarantees future conflicts.

We may have the upper hand now in dealing with those conflicts and doing what we want on the high seas but that dominance will only last as long as we have the strongest military in the world. And that might not always be the case…or even sufficient to getting what we want. Like defeating Al Qaeda.

Our military could have complete control of the seas and the sky and our nation could still be hit by Al Qaeda. We need friends and allies in all nations to help us find and bring all these fanatical mass murderers to justice. But, Mr. Gaffney still appears to worship national sovereignty over national security.

The problem with national sovereignty is that it condones the same chaotic creative rule making for every nation that fuels tensions…not reduces them.

We as Americans have to make the choice in how we will deal with other nations. Will we chose the rule of law… or the law of force? Jesus wisely predicted the fate of those who “live by the sword”. Gaffney need not be a lawyer to comprehend the value of the most basic of all rules…to do unto others. Such ‘justice’ is not a function of national sovereignty. It is a function of law. National sovereignty is no more than the illusion or delusion of national superiority.

In reality it will be far easier to deal with any ‘legal train wreck’ that might occur from yet another unenforceable global treaty than it will be to try and maintain our own security in an increasingly interdependent world. Especially when our insistence on independence only makes us more enemies and more vulnerable to the lawless chaos that mass murders thrive in.


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