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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The UN needs an Army. Actually, several of them. Ask Egyptians.

Many US political, intelligence and military leaders are apprehensive if not adamant in stating that ‘terrorism cannot be defeated militarily’.  Yet military operations against ISIS and Al Qaeda remain overwhelmingly the primary tool for combating ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas or any other violent threat against civility.  The attack on 9-11 forced our federal government to reorganize its structure more than the threat of Germany and Japan combined during World War II.  While the cost in American lives have been far less than a world war, the global war on terrorism is approaching the economic cost of WWII and will certainly surpass it given the endless nature of a war against an undefeatable tactic, and the growth of that tactic in response to military forces that any conventional army cannot defeat.
Few Americans want the US to be the world’s police man.  Yet, increasingly, the rest of the world’s people and even some Americans see and feel the need for a world police force.  Any subjective analysis of mass kidnappings, mass murders, beheadings, genocidal threats, collateral damage, WMD proliferation, biological extinction, loss of privacy, cyber security, refugee needs, disease eradication, pandemic prevention or outbreak response, would lead any thoughtful and compassionate individual to demand the immediate creation of a specialized global force to immediately tackle each of these threats.   They would also insist that each force be adequately staffed with voluntary individuals, fully trained, funded and supplied with whatever tools their force needs to accomplish its mission. 
The emergence of a new ISIS outbreak in Libya needs an immediate response.  Chaos there started in 2011 when NATO backed forces toppled dictator Muammar al-Qaddafi shattering Libya into tribal fiefdoms ruled by armed militias.  These chaotic forces coalesced into roughly two camps, one extremist in which ISIS is now germinating.  The recent ISIS beheadings of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians needs an immediate response given their strategic location for acting on their insane pledge “to conquer Rome”.  The ISIS murder of 32 Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai earlier is motivating an Egyptian response that would open up a two front war for this already unstable and lethally repressive government.  Meanwhile Freedom House recently reported 2014 as the ninth straight year of backsliding of democracy in nation states.  Chaos is on the march.  And globally, there is no police and no protection of fundamental human rights.
Many American cities have questionably armed their police forces with military equipped SWAT teams to deal with potentially dangerous criminal suspects, but there is no such force on the global level to consistently deal with persistent, horrific and accelerating crimes against humanity that are already being perpetrated against millions of innocent men, women and children – and often just because they exercise their fundamental right to speech, religion or pursuit of fair political systems.
An all-volunteer UN army of specialized swat teams…police,  teachers, health workers and environmental laborers, would do much to relieve some of the worries the ‘Black helicopters’ crowd has had in fearing the UN will try and take away their guns and light bulbs.  But any rational individual in the land of the free and home of the brave has no such fear.  Our Second Amendment will never be threatened by an outside or inside force.  It would take a police state to enforce it and the domestic resistance alone would cause a violent civil war.  And now that Al Shabab is threatening to attack US shopping malls, the sincerity to those defending the American’s right to own and carry guns -- and buy lots of stuff we don’t need -- has only been confirmed.
The most compelling point however may be the cost savings of such UN forces protecting humanities freedom and security.  Economic minded Americans arguably claim that our nation’s deficit is our greatest national security threat.  Even with a 100% tax on the incomes of all Americans could our nation pay for all the defenses, infrastructure, protections and reconstruction we need to deal with the growing array of threats we now face from global sources.  Few American’s remember that Osama Bin Laden’s original plan was to break us economically and divide us politically. He obviously didn’t understand Americans enough to know we didn’t need any help with either.  But now, any honest evaluation of our economic predicament dictates a wise investment in prevention, rapid response and ‘walking our talk’ on the global level.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is more than an American dream.  It is humanities destiny.  And denying it, or ignoring it, will cost us everything.   The UN needs a standing army.  Several of them.   We can no longer maintain our own freedoms and security without them.


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