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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ban the Bible

Victor Davis Hanson provides a multitude of reasons why Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons is both a bad thing and a useful thing (Who Fears an Iranian Bomb? Oct 27, 2007). What he didn’t mention is that Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons may also be irrelevant to security.

Even if Western powers could by magic eliminate every possibility of Iran developing nukes it doesn’t mean they won’t get one by theft, sale or donation (see Pakistan or Russia gone wild). And, even if all of these other sources of nuclear WMD could be magically eliminated…there is no earthly or heavenly means to prevent Iran from developing, stealing or buying biological WMD if Iran’s leaders are belligerent toward or fearful of the West. Most experts believe biologicals WMD’s can have a greater killing capacity than a nuclear bomb. And they are far cheaper, easier to hide and nearly impossible to detect, defend against or identify a source of origin.

The far greater problem regarding threats to our security is the intentions of religious fanatics -- be they Muslim, Christian or Jew. Fred Reed in the Washington Times “Technology” section (on the same day as Hanson’s oped) made a clear case for the foolishness of Europe imposing “government censorship” on the Internet to block “Bomb-making instructions” on websites. He acknowledges the information is available elsewhere for anyone seeking it and that the real “danger is determined adults”.

What makes determined adults? It appears that religious dogma creates most determined adults. Look no further than the degree to which Bible quoting Christians work to outlaw abortion and gay marriage or provide unquestioned support for the Jewish state of Israel. They are determined to have their way…just like our Christian President and Vice President officially stating “we will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon”, even if it means “starting World War III”.

The Koran has its obvious flaws when its text is interpreted by radical Islamists to justify mass murdering of innocent non-believers or justifying “end times”. But the Bible is just as flawed when its colorful passages inspire its readers to cherish “end times” that undoubtedly leads to the self fulfilling prophecy of Armageddon – a global bloody war that could be sparked by either a US or Israeli preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

In this context, banning the Bible, the Koran and the Torah would be more beneficial to world peace and security than any efforts to ban access to WMD.

Perhaps it’s time that policy makers in all nations who control the purse strings and weapons consider the ultimate endgame of all mainstream religions and work together to ensure the most basic rights of all God’s people -- the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A spiritual goal that is unattainable without the universal provision of basic health care, education, nutrition, water, sanitation, gainful employment and a livable environment absent the condition of war.

Perhaps a global second Amendment is in order to ensure the right to bear arms globally -- universal arms for self defense and to replace any dictatorial government. Without such a global Amendment and a world government to enforce it, there should probably be an enforceable global ‘first’ Amendment ensuring ‘freedom’ from religion. Specifically, the lunacy of ‘endtimes’ religion. To paraphrase a gun owner’s bumper sticker, WMD’s don’t kill people, religiously inspired presidents kill people.


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