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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's officially WW 4. Preparing to attack Iran?

Below is President Bush’s updated “Fact Sheet” regarding his strategy for combating global terrorism. The bracketed words reflect my reading between the lines. In his speech today before a professional association of military officers it sounded like he laid the basis for attacking or invading Iran.

Your feedback and evaluations will be read, evaluated and greatly appreciated.

Chuck Woolery
For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 5, 2006
Fact Sheet: The President's National Strategy for Combating Terrorism
"We're engaged in a global struggle against the followers of a murderous ideology that despises freedom and crushes all dissent, and has territorial ambitions and pursues totalitarian aims. … And against such an enemy there is only one effective response: [and we haven’t yet found it…but] We will never back down, we will never give in and we will never accept anything less than complete victory [even though victory against a tactic is impossible and will likely break us economically-- if it doesn’t lead to Armageddon first]… We will defeat the terrorists and their hateful ideology by spreading the hope of freedom across the world [almost as fast as we are spreading our military operations and the loss of collateral damage as a result of our ‘smart bombs’ killing many times more innocent civilians than Bin Laden’s crew murdered on 9-11]. The [short term economic] security of our nation depends on the advance of liberty in other nations." [Our liberty to secure our access to their oil. Long term security will require breaking our addiction to oil, our avoidance of ending the lethal tyranny of global poverty, and enforceing a global set of inalienable rights similar to those listed in the existing Universal Declaration of Human Rights].
– President George W. Bush
July 4, 2006
Today, The President Released His Updated National Strategy For Combating Terrorism (NSCT), Which Outlines The United States Government Strategy To Protect And Defend American Interests At Home And Abroad From Terrorism. In the years since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States, along with our partners, have waged a relentless [counterproductive] war against the terrorists using all elements of national power and influence [90% military, 7% intelligence, 2% diplomacy, 1% aid, 0% wisdom). We have made substantial progress in degrading [verbally] the al-Qaida network, killing or capturing key [easily replaceable] lieutenants [but not their leadership], eliminating safehavens [where there is oil], and disrupting existing lines of support [that we become aware of through our allies – when they want to make it look like they are actually helping us].
In Response To Our Efforts, The Terrorists Have Adjusted [and multiplied] And So We Have Continued [at a glacial speed] To Refine Our [failing] Approach To Defeat The Evolving [and growing] Threat. Today, the United States is battling a transnational terrorist movement fueled by a radical ideology of hatred, oppression, and murder [which is driven by both a warped view of Islam and an accurate perception of harmful US foreign policy throughout the Middle East]. This updated strategy incorporates [like Halliburton] our increased understanding of [how to profit economically and politically off] the enemy and sets the course for [never] winning the War on Terror [but ensuring its perpetual existence].
Strategic Vision For [manipulating] The War On Terror
Our Strategy [fails in that it] Recognizes That The War On Terror Is A Different Kind Of War, Involving Both A Battle Of Arms And A Battle Of Ideas. [If we saw it only as a battle of ideas with the force of Arms used only to enforce global laws and standards…we could actually win it.] Not only are we fighting our terrorist enemies on the battlefield, [we are killing tens of thousands of innocent muslims], [Except for when we don’t] we are promoting freedom and human dignity as alternatives to the terrorists' perverse vision of oppression and totalitarian rule. To [never] win the War on Terror, the United States will continue to lead an expansive international effort to:
• Defeat violent extremism as a threat to our way of life as a free and open society [except when it is espoused by Christians].
• Create a global environment inhospitable to [any mammalian life forms except] violent extremists and their [political campaign corporate] supporters.
Advancing Effective Democracy Over The Long-Term
The Long-Term Solution For Winning The War On Terror Is The Advancement Of Freedom And Human Dignity Through Effective Democracy [and the universal protection of inalienable human rights]. Effective democracies [when they are not starting wars or repressing minorities] honor and uphold basic human rights [for those who own the oil.] including freedom of [Christian] religion, conscience, [limited] speech, assembly, [right wing] association, and [a well healed] press. They [the rule of law…not war … the law of force] are the long-term antidote to the ideology of terrorism today. This is the battle of ideas [that we just don’t get].
Defeating Terrorism In The Long Run Requires That We Diminish The Underlying Conditions In Society That Terrorists Seek To Exploit [.] By Advancing Effective Democracy [we only give more power to the majority of Muslims who hate us for what we have done to their love ones and their nations]:
• Terrorists [like Carl Rove and the Republican leadership] Exploit Political Alienation. Democracy [and Move On] gives people an ownership stake in society [and majority the power to abuse].
• Terrorists [and neocons] Exploit Grievances To Blame Others. Democracy [unlike war or terrorism] offers the rule of law, the peaceful resolution of disputes, and the habits of advancing interests through compromise.
• Terrorists Exploit Misinformation And Conspiracy Theories [Republicans and neocons just create them]. Democracy offers freedom of speech, independent media, and a marketplace of ideas to expose and discredit falsehoods [that’s why we prefer war and Presidential directives].
• Terrorists Exploit An Ideology That Justifies Murder. [Just like those who promote war as a solution.] Democracy offers a respect for human dignity and rejects the targeting of innocents [or their being murdered as collateral damage].
Four Priorities Over The Short Term [because we can’t think that far ahead…and if we do we have to acknowledge that liberals had it right regarding prevention…and not preemption as a means of reducing terrorism.]
The Advance Of Freedom And Human Dignity Through Democracy Is The Long-Term Solution To The Transnational Terrorism Of Today. To create the space and time for that long-term solution [that democrats have had all along] to take root, there are four steps we are taking [unsuccessfully] in the short term. We will:
• Prevent Attacks By Terrorist Networks [where they don’t plan attacks and gloss over the places where they have such as Spain, UK, Iraq…]. Working with [only a few] partners across the globe, we are using a range of [legal] tools at home and [military strikes] abroad to take the fight to the terrorists [to create more of them], deny [some of] them entry to the United States, hinder their [rapid] movement across international boundaries, and [talk more about] establish[ing] protective measures to further reduce our vulnerability to attack.
• [talk about our goal to] Deny WMD To Rogue States And Terrorist Allies Who Seek To Use Them [even though there is no way we can control the proliferation of dual use technologies used to make WMD]. Weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists is one of the gravest threats we face [if we keep pissing them off and making more of them ourselves]. We have taken aggressive [pubic relations] efforts to deny terrorists access to WMD-related materials, equipment, and expertise, and we are enhancing these activities through an integrated effort at all levels of government [except the global level where there is NO govermnet because that’s the way we like it] and with the private sector [our best contributors] and our foreign partners [that could be Al Quada operatives for all we know] to [try and] stay ahead of this dynamic and evolving threat.
• Deny Terrorists The Support And Sanctuary Of Rogue States [through more preemptive wars and invastions that will eventually require us to reinstitute the draft]. We make no distinction between those who commit acts of terror and those who support and harbor terrorists [unless they control oil]. We are working to disrupt the flow of resources from states to terrorists while simultaneously [be addicted to the oil that provides the majority of their resources. As you can tell this is NO way to] end state sponsorship of terrorism.
• Deny Terrorists Control Of Any [oil rich] Area They Would Use As A Base And Launching Pad For Terror. [we can let them have Rwanda] We are [making it look like we are] working to prevent terrorists from exploiting ungoverned and under-governed areas as physical safehavens. These efforts also extend [feebly] to non-physical or virtual safehavens, such as those existing within legal, cyber, and financial systems.
Institutionalizing The Strategy For Long-Term Success
During The Cold War We Created An Array Of Domestic And International Institutions As Well As Enduring Partnerships To Defeat The Threat Of Communism – Today [after weakening those instutioins and dissing most of those partnerhships] We Require Similar Structures [but won’t admit our past errors] To Win The Long War On Terror. We are transforming our [view of] domestic and international institutions [we now favor big government at home and are starting to see how we can better use the UN] and [rebuilding our] enduring partnerships to carry forward the long term fight against terror and to help ensure our ultimate [financial] success.
• Establishing International Standards Of Accountability [was a noble liberal idea we ignored until now]: We are collaborating with our partners to update and tailor international obligations and standards of accountability to meet the evolving threat of terrorism [because we effectively stopped liberals from succeeding at these goals for the last 20 years. Efforts already underway in this regard include consultations with the G-8 and others to develop landmark counterterrorism standards and best practices. [We will ignore health standards and best practices until we get hit with Bird flu…and then we will adopt our Katrina response mentality and defense]. Strengthening Our Coalitions And Partnerships To Maintain A United Front Against Terror [another liberal idea we abandoned in the past because we thought we were top dog]. We are building the capacity of foreign partners in all areas of counterterrorism activities [that fell apart after Bush’s arrogant first term]. Through the provision of training, equipment, and other assistance [but not much aid], the United States will enhance the ability of [the] partners [we have left] across the globe to attack and defeat terrorists, deny them funding and freedom of movement, secure their critical infrastructures, and [try to] deny terrorists access to WMD [that they can manufacture from a visit to the local hardware store] and safehavens [that they can find almost anywhere that US development and reconstruction aid has failed to eliminate].
• Enhancing Our Counterterrorism Architecture And Interagency Collaboration By Setting Clear National Priorities And Transforming [enlarging and providing even more power to] The [Bush] Government To Achieve Those Priorities. This includes the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence, and the National Counterterrorism Center [and other means to control the freedom and reduce the privacy of all Americans] Additionally, our military is expanding Special Operations Forces, increasing the capabilities of the general purpose force to conduct irregular warfare in an asymmetric environment [that we helped create in the first place by having such a kick ass military machine and virtually no humanitarian mission], and initiating the largest rearrangement of its force posture since World War II. The State Department is repositioning [and demoralizing] its domestic and overseas staff to better promote [the Zionists and Neocon’s view] of America's policies and interests and have more direct local and regional impact.
• [Talk more about] Fostering Intellectual And Human Capital By Creating An Expert Community Of [right wing] Counterterrorism Professionals And Developing A Domestic Culture Of [fear of Muslims and] Preparedness. This Culture of Preparedness rests on a shared acknowledgement of the certainty of future catastrophes [ignoring the most serious threat of pandemics]; the importance of initiative and accountability at all levels of society [except the global level]; the role of citizen [brainwashing] and community preparedness; and a delineation of the roles of each level of government [except the global level where there’s is none] and the private sector [our best donors] in creating a [perpetually paranoid and] prepared nation [for our re-election efforts]


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